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  • Research Article

    High Ionic Strength Enhances the Anti-Pepsin Activity of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

    Hussein Kadhem Al-Hakeim, Khlowd Mohammed Jasem


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  • Research Article

    Arta (Calligonum Comosum, L'Her.) Shoot Extracts: Bio-Mediator in Silver Nanoparticles Formation and Antimycotic Potential

    Afrah E. Mohammed


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  • Research Article

    Human CIK Cells Loaded with Gold Nanoprisms as Theranostic Platform for Targeted Photoacoustic Imaging and Enhanced Immuno-Photothermal Combined Therapy

    Jingjing Zhang, Fangfang Xia, Yao Yang, Caixia Yue, Chunlei Zhang, Yuming Yang, Lijun Ma, Gabriel Alfranca, Yanlei Liu, Yafei Hou, Weilin Jin, Jian Ni, Jesus Martinez de la Fuente, Daxiang Cui


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  • Editorial

    Cancer Nano-Immunoengineering: The Marriage of Immunoengineering and Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapy

    Weilin Jin, Daxiang Cui


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  • Review

    Nano-Scaled Particles and Fibres Occupational Exposure Assessment: An Integrated Approach from Air Sampling to Skin and Surface Contamination

    Andrea Prodi, Francesca Larese Filon


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  • Research Article

    Development of Nanodrug for Treatment of Breast Cancer Using Mallotus Tetracoccus Leaves - Standardisation, Synthesis and Characterisation

    Ramalakshmi Subbiah, Krishnaswamy Muthuchelian


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  • Research Article

    Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of (E)-3-((5-bromo-2-hydroxy-3-methoxycyclohexa-1,3-dienyl)methyleneamino)-6-(hydroxymethyl)-tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2,4,5-triol

    Solomon Tadesse, Yelda Bingöl Alpaslan, Mustafa Yıldız, Hüseyin Ünver, Kadir Aslan


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  • Research Article

    Crystallization of Lysozyme on Metal Surfaces Using a Monomode Microwave System

    Kevin Mauge-Lewis, Brittney Gordon, Fareeha Syed, Saarah Syed, Enock Bonyi, Muzaffer Mohammed, Eric A. Toth, Dereje Seifu, Kadir Aslan


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  • Research Article

    Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Polyamide Hexaglycol by Dispersion of TiO2 Nanofiller

    Sabah Mohammed Mlkat Al-Mutoki, Baydaa Abdul-Hassan Khalaf Al-Ghzawi, Emad Abbas Jaffar Al-Mulla, Samer AbdulAmohsin


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  • Research Article

    Artificial Neural Network Optimization of a Carbon Paste Electrode for the Detection of Zinc Ions

    Rimal Isaac, Praseetha Prabhakaran


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