Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Flakes from Graphite by Using Biosurfactant - A Review

Praseetha Prabhakaran Kala, Fathima Mushrifa Anwar-Samath


Exfoliation of graphene from graphite is one of the leading processes in the branch of nanotechnology, where surfactants are used as a unique solvent in combination with graphite and nitrogen gas atmosphere. This process would let the graphite to reduce into a monolayer in the presence of liquid phase with surfactants which have the equal surface energy to exfoliate graphene from graphite. There are many applications in nanotechnology for graphene flakes, but the production is costly as it is quite challenging to indulge graphite in the liquid phase. This review gives vast information about introducing a surfactant taken from various sources for exfoliating graphene flakes. It also provides a broad background regarding the isolation, production, and extraction of biosurfactants from organisms along with its role in nanotechnology.

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Nano Biomedicine and Engineering.

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